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kropkaBuddyzm Diamentowej Drogi

Main site of the buddhist Karma Kagyu association

kropkaGaleria zdj?c z Opola

This site contains many pictures from parties and courses organized by the buddhist Diamondway center in Opole

kropkaLama Ole - Special Days

Pictures and descriptions of the most interesting events during Lama Ole's travel. Part of the official site of Lama Ole.

kropkaStupa Cudów w Kucharach

Pictures of the building and the inauguration of the Stupa of Miracles in Kuchary, on 29th July 2002

kropkaPodró? Gyalwa Karmapy po Europie

A reporting from all the cities the Gyalwa Karmapa visited during his trip to Poland in 2004

kropkaOficjalna Galeria Gyalwa Karmapy

this gallery is part of Karmapa's official site. Apart from stories it also contains pictures in high resolution

kropkaPi?kna przejrzysta strona z wybitn? galeri?

A fantastic site which contains an impressive collection of thankas and statues

kropkaNa fi?skiej stronie znajdziesz du?o innych ciekawych linków

Galeria z fi?skiej strony, a w niej mnóstwo innych linków

kropkaRussian gallery

Great people and landscapes

kropkaCyber sangha - a popular buddhist site

interesting articles, books reviews

kropkaWystawa zdj?? projektu Triangle w S?upsku

Reporting of the preparations and the exhibition of photos: Mind without limits - modern buddhism"

kropkaZbiór zdj?? londy?czyków!

Great collection!! Lamas, meeteings and so on. Photos are from our London crew! Password: buddha
U must see it!!

kropkaWyborny link na ameryka?sk? galeri? z formami medytacyjnymi oraz lamami

Big american gallery with many pictures of lamas and meditation forms. Almost every picture have big size!